About Me

Name: Rena Abramoff
Hometown: Staten Island, NY

Hobbies: Art, music,writing childrens books,drawing pictures
Music: Pop, jazz, classic
Movies: Avatar, Shrek,......
Language:English, Russian



My motto: You are never given a wish without also being given a power to make it come true.

Rena Abramoff was born in 1964 in Azerbaijan, between the two beautiful seas Caspian and Black.

Abramoff has always been a storyteller. Also she always loved to draw pictures. Still, it never occurred to Abramoff that she could become a professional writer.

Abramoff attended Azerbaijan University in Baku where she majored in accounting. In 1986 she took painting classes in Art School. In 1989 she joined the first and only Theatre of Marionettes in Azerbaijan as a puppeteer. Got married in 1990.

in 1992 due to unstable political situation Abramoff and her family left for Moscow and lived there for 4 years. Then for same reason in 1996 she left Russia and went to USA.

Abramoff works as an accountant by day, but she is writing by night.


Now Rena lives with her husband Elhanan in New York.